Young Adult Literature


Wolf Rider
by Avi


From School Library Journal
Grade 7 Up In this psychological thriller, Avi explores the dilemma of 15-year-old Andy, who is convinced that the crank call that he has received is the confession of a murderer. His father thinks that he's lying. The school counselor warns him against "crying wolf." Finding that the supposed victim is still very much alive only increases Andy's determination to unmask the would-be killerif he can find him. Andy's heightening confusion and fear, and his increasing alienation from the adults in his world, are conveyed convincingly in an understated style with lots of dialogue. Unfortunately the adult characters' behavior is not as believable. Andy's father and the counselor seem too ready to distrust his story, and the mysterious caller's motive and behavior are not explained. It seems as if Avi could not decide between plots, a conventional mystery with all the threads tied neatly at the end, or a psychological study raising as many questions as it answers. While the print is large and the vocabulary is not difficult, the tone and tension of the story make it more appropriate for older readers, as does the inconclusive ending. Ruth S. Vose, San Francisco Public Library Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.